Inspection with underwater drones

Why use underwater drones?

Underwater Drones – ROVs have unique advantages. Allows quick deployment even during dives up to a depth of 100m. As with conventional drones, the human operator is not exposed to direct danger. Information on the condition of the object (underwater structure) is immediately available. However, it is absolutely necessary to have an experienced operator.

That’s exactly what we have. Experience is an essential element of safety. Our typical applications include inspection of power plants, submarine cables, dam and river equipment, oil rigs, and more.


Why underwater drones?

Immediate mobilization

No risk to human personnel

Fast data acquisition process even in demanding climatic conditions

Identification and evaluation of problem areas

Interchangeable payloads

The work is carried out under CAA rules

The results of the check are immediately available to all team members

An economical solution compared to traditional methods