Anti Dron System

Defense system against drones

Our company is a partner of the Polish manufacturer APS – Advance Protection Systems. Together, we offer a military-grade anti-drone defense system under common commercial conditions. The offered system has already received several awards. More information is available directly on the manufacturer’s website https://apsystems.tech

This is a quality system that will perfectly protect you from danger from a “bird’s eye view”. The system includes all 3 levels: Detection, Tracking, Elimination. At the same time, the system is modular, so it is possible to deploy it “in parts” to suit your project. Thanks to the modules, the system can be expanded at any time, both functionally and territorially. In addition to the stationary version, we also have a mobile version. And that in several variants.

It is an ideal protection solution for critical infrastructure Energy facilities, Airports, Prisons, Military and government facilities, Public events of great importance, Private facilities and others.

In any case, we recommend trying the system. If you are interested in drone protection, contact us. We will make a solution proposal for you.